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Company Overview

We're operations research experts helping improve the quality, productivity, flexibility and manageability of the world's leading biomanufacturers. We provide a suite of enterprise software tools and services, developed to address your most significant biomanufacturing challenges.

Our Real-Time Modeling System consolidates supply chain and manufacturing operations data, allowing you and colleagues across the enterprise, to visualize that data. This feeds an accurate model of your process, and provides outcomes like quality by design (QbD), real-time scheduling, debottlenecking and more, across a facility, or a network of facilities around the world.

Our customers range from small, through to the largest biomanufacturers in the world. We deliver improved quality, productivity, flexibility and manageability at these firms, ultimately helping them achieve real biomanufacturing excellence. We can do the same for you.

Upcoming Events

'Making it Personal': Driving Accountability in Biomanufacturing

Where: Webinar
When: August 28, 2014

One of the most significant challenges facing biomanufacturers today is how to improve adherence to schedule, and receive timely information about adverse events when they occur. However, much of the information about who is responsible for tasks is often determined during low-level daily meetings, making it difficult to know who to contact when there is an issue. In addition, most operators and technicians face a continual barrage of ad-hoc emails, phone calls and meetings to report their status on tasks. This leads to 'churn' and delay in reporting the status of manufacturing operations, taking significant time away from value-added work. In many cases, it could be hours or even an entire shift before an issue is known.

In this BioCast, we discuss how Bio-G's Work Allocation and Finite Scheduling toolset allows manufacturing tasks to be assigned and managed in real-time across the enterprise. The toolset integrates with many of today's task management systems, like Microsoft Outlook, to provide manufacturing groups with an easy way of allocating work and 'checking it off' as it is completed. This helps drive accountability by allowing supervisors to quickly allocate work to specific individuals, who receive personalized to-do lists that are updated in real-time. By integrating with smart phones and other personal devices, the system helps team members know what they need to do, and increases overall efficiency of the process.

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