MANUBIO Conference

Join us at this year's MANUBIO conference and hear Bio-G talk about scheduling clinical and pilot plant operations. Clinical / Pilot biomanufacturing facilities are difficult to effectively schedule for two reasons. First, each campaign is different and may involve different resources or fermentors - unlike a commercial facility, where each batch is identical. Second, clinical facilities are requir

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Right-Sizing Biomanufacturing Capability in a Dynamic Environment

Over $141 billion dollars in assets have traded hands in the pharmaceutical market in the past 12 months. Novartis, GSK, and Lilly have swapped assets and Merck, Bayer and Pfizer are in the process of acquiring technologies outside their organization. Companies are discarding segments of their business in wh

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BioCast: Right-Sizing Biomanufacturing Capability in a Dynamic Environment

In this webinar we discuss how Bio-G software provides critical information necessary to the key decisions associated with the merging and integration of companies and their drug related products and services. We examine how in the short range, labor and production capability can be incre

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Biological Production Forum

Join us in Dublin Ireland for this year's Biological Production Forum. This year Bio-G will be speaking on the subject of "Defense In Depth: Increasing redundancy in Biomanufacturing facilities". The talk will look at automatic real-time response from systems like DeltaV and Rockwell automation control, as well as pushing changes to users on their phones and tablet devices.

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Managing Operational Risk in the BioSupply Chain

Biopharmaceutical Supply Chains are unique in their need to account for variability and risk as part of the manufacturing process. Lot to lot variability can be significant, as well as QC release times and delays due to manufacturing issues. In addition, biomanufacturers are struggling to understand the impa

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BioCast: Managing Operational Risk in the BioSupply Chain

In this webinar we examine how Bio-G's Real-Time Modeling System can optimize inventory levels and risk strategies in real time. We look at how to incorporate live data streams from SAP-type inventory systems, CMO on-time performance and other factors like QA/QC release times. And we show

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Bio-G attending Biologics World Korea

Bioproduction Group will be attending this year's Biologics World Korea conference, to be held in Seoul Korea. "Bio-G's expanding presence in Asia means that attending this conference was a must", explains Principal Rick Johnston. Bio-G will be presenting cutting edge research at the conference, as well as introducing some of our Korean partners to the stage. 

For more infor

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BioCast: Debottlenecking Biomanufacturing Operations

In this webinar we'll show how Bio-G's Real-Time Modeling System is used to debottleneck biomanufacturing facilities. This software is used by more than 20% of the world's biomanufacturing capacity and allows you to quickly, measurably and economically optimize your facilities to maximize

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Debottlenecking Biomanufacturing Operations

Many biomanufacturers are looking to improve run rates to lower the cost per gram of production, or delay capital investment through making the most of their existing facilities. Past the initial bottleneck, however, it is often unclear where to invest in facility improvements. Running at higher run rates ty

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Facilities Modeling Conference

Join us at the majestic Claremont Hotel in Berkeley on Feb 24 and 25 for our inaugural modeling conference and hear from our customers Bayer and BioMarin, partners Umetrics and Emerson, thought leadership from the University of California at Berkeley, and Bio-G's own work. Co-located with the IBC Flexible Facili

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