Bio-G / IMS present new product for Portfolio Planning

Bio-G and IMS announced a new toolset for the Life Sciences industry called CrossLink. Effective strategic portfolio management and manufacturing planning requires a comprehensive forecasting system and process. Leading companies need sy...

Tags: Portfolio Forecasting, CrossLink, Portfolio Management, Forecasting

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Portfolio Forecasting in the Life Sciences

Effective strategic portfolio management and manufacturing planning requires a comprehensive forecasting system and process. Leading companies need systems that provide real-time visibility into their portfolio, enable quick comparisons ...


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Bio-G presents risk data at BioInnovations Summit

Bio-G has presented data showing key risks to the biomanufacturing process at the 2013 BioInnovations Conference in London, England. In a keynote talk titled: "Risk Time vs. Real Time: Responding to Variability in Biomanufacturing", Bio-...

Tags: debottlenecking, optimization, biomanufacturing, risk

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IMS Consulting Group and Bio-G joint webinar

Join us for this month's webinar, where we discuss a partnership between IMS Consulting Group and Bioproduction Group to build a new, innovative method for portfolio planning in the Life Sciences industry. Click here to se...

Tags: portfolio planning, IMS Consulting Group, Life Sciences

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Biomanufacturing Summit 2013 - San Diego

The 5th annual Biomanufacturing Summit 2013 attracts senior and executive level industry professionals working within manufacturing, process development and product operations. Bio-G is delivering a talk at this year's con...


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Increasing the Flexibility of Biomanufacturing Facilities

Many biomanufacturing facilities are currently designed to run one or a small number of products. However as more (and higher titer) products are approved these facilities are being required to run multiple products at an increased run-r...

Tags: robust, flexible, facility fit, new products,

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2013's Best Webinars

Click here for a selection of the year's most popular webinars by Bioproduction Group.


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Real-Time Scheduling of Clinical Biomanufacturing Facilities

Clinical / Pilot biomanufacturing facilities are difficult to effectively schedule for two reasons. First, each campaign is different and may involve different resources or fermentors - unlike a commercial facility, where each batch is i...

Tags: Clinical, Pilot, Scheduling

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The Impact of Variability in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

In this webinar, we examine the impact of variability in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Using real data, we suggest that variability is the single biggest issue facing biopharmaceutical manufacturers today, affecting not only unit oper...

Tags: real-time, biomanufacturing, variability

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Variability Webinar

This month's webinar, "The Impact of Variability in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing", explores the multiple facets of variability and its effect on manufacturing facilities and value chains. Click here to view the webinar now (free,...

Tags: biomanufacturing, variability, robust

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Bioprocess International

Come by and see us this year at Bioprocess International! This year the conference will be held in Providence, Rhode Island. We'll have a booth and will be demonstrating the new versions of our latest software to perform data analys...

Tags: conference, BPI

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Biological Production Forum

This month, Bio-G will be presenting one of the keynote addresses at the 11th Annual Biological Production Forum, held in Dusseldorf, Germany. The talk, entitled 'Managing the 800 Pound Gorilla in our biomanufacturing facilities' will su...

Tags: Biological Production, 800 Pound Gorilla

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Capacity and Productivity in Biopharmaceutical Production

This webinar focuses on key results from the 9th annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity and Production. The report surveys 302 individuals at biotherapeutic developers and CMOs in 29 countries worldwide, plu...

Tags: Webinar, Survey, Capacity, Productivity

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Joint Emerson and Bio-G Webinar

In this joint Emerson / Bio-G webinar, we examine the mining of electronic data from Emerson's Syncade™ Suite Operations Management software, visualizing and analyzing it in real-time. We'll show how the Bio-G Crosswalk™ softwa...

Tags: Emerson,Data Mining,Data Warehousing,Crosswalk

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Visualizing Real-Time data - Jim Cahill

As organizations have started to come to terms with the big data sets they have been collecting, they have started to look for strategies and tools to help them make decisions about what products to make and how to make them most efficie...


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High Titers in Biomanufacturing

Bio-G's new webinar, "High Titers in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing" examines a number of approaches to understanding and managing increased titers in commercial biopharmaceutical production. We explore the impact of titer on downs...

Tags: Webinar, Biomanufacturing, Titer

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Identifying and Mitigating Risk in Biopharmaceutical Supply Chains

In this 60 minute webinar and Q & A session, our two panelists, Professor Phil Kaminsky from the University of California at Berkeley and Rick Johnston, Ph.D. from Bio-G will present their perspectives on supply chain risks and suppl...

Tags: supply chain, webinar, biomanufacturing leaders, risk

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New Whitepaper - Capacity Planning

Bio-G's new whitepaper, "Capacity Planning in Biomanufacturing" examines the key metrics involved in capacity decisions for biopharmaceutical operations. We demonstrate how to model demand as well as existing and new supply capacity in t...

Tags: Capacity, Value at Risk, Uncertainty, Black Swans, Portfolio

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New Webinar on SAP

SAP is used extensively in the biomanufacturing industry, and now this important, real-time data can be integrated with other data sources, visualized and analyzed using the Bio-G real-time modeling system. Because the Bio-G real-time mo...

Tags: Webinar, SAP, Planned Orders

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Capacity Planning in Biomanufacturing: Effectively Managing Uncertainty planning for new molecules in biotech is fraught with uncertainty. Supply constraints, unknown titers, number of patients and dosing as well as probability of technical success (PTS),...

Tags: Capacity, Value at Risk, Uncertainty, Black Swans, Portfolio

Continue reading | May 30, 2012 in Webinar

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