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Our Real-Time Modeling System® is the premier toolset used by leading biomanufacturing facilities.


The next generation of planning and scheduling software for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Data Integration

Crosswalk® integrates Bio-G models with operations and automation data sources.

Facility Fit

Bio-Fit® allows you to see facility conflicts and constraints prior to tech transfer.

Modeling and Analytics Experts

We are operations research experts helping improve the quality, productivity, flexibility, and manageability of the world’s leading biomanufacturers. Our suite of enterprise software tools and services has been developed to address your most significant biomanufacturing challenges. Bio-G provides the most versatile and powerful software platform for the biomanufacturing industry.

Customer Return on Investment

Bio-G customers range from small developmental companies up to the largest commercial biomanufacturers and CMO’s with production sites located around the globe. Our clients have implemented the Bio-G Modeling, Scheduling, Data Integration, and Facility Fit software toolsets to dramatically increase manufacturing capacity and productivity, reduce risk, and achieve significant improvements in quality.

See for Yourself

Interested in seeing how our software can dramatically increase your ROI? There’s no quicker way to understand the value of our platform than to see how it can work with your specific workflow. And we can take you through it.

Bio-G Modeling

Bioproduction Group’s powerful, proven, patented modeling software is based on more than 20 years of developments and advances in mathematics, operations research and modeling techniques. Our platform allows customers to understand complexity, accommodate variability, find bottlenecks, maximize production and understand the implications of any change in the manufacturing process.


Bio-G Scheduling

Bio-G’s Scheduling software automatically generates plans that are feasible for all of the resources and constraints in your organization. Conflicts are automatically resolved by properly allocating resources. Your planners and schedulers can focus on the effect of what-ifs, not trying to make scenarios feasible.


Data Integration

Crosswalk® is data translation software that talks directly with your operations and automation databases turning raw company data into datasets that can be used for real-time analysis, modeling and simulation. Once operations data is accurately seen and understood in real-time, then processes suddenly become transparent. Model-based predictions are more accurate, versatile and flexible and lead to better business decisions.


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