Our Story

Bio-G was founded in 2007 by a group of PhD’s, operations research experts, engineers, and data modeling and simulations specialists who had a singular goal: design and build the fastest and most accurate modeling software for the biomanufacturing industry. Today that goal is a reality.


We are a passionate team dedicated to developing software solutions that transform the way in which modeling and simulation is used to improve biomanufacturing processes. Our leadership and advisors include experts and thought leaders in industrial engineering and operations, software architecture, data analytics, biomanufacturing, and academia.


Why Bio-G

Bio-G is solely focused on one thing: delivering the highest quality modeling and scheduling software solutions to biomanufacturing companies. Our clients consistently achieve high return on project investment, verifiable increases in capacity and productivity, and measurable cost savings.


“In the same way that Wikipedia and Google have revolutionized the way in which we collect, maintain, and access data, modeling technology has the ability to revolutionize our thinking around the key questions facing the enterprise.”

- Professor Lee Schruben
UC Berkeley