Our Projects

Bio-G engineering teams have successfully modeled more than 30% of the world’s biomanufacturing capacity. Our software toolsets and expertise in capacity engineering, scheduling, data integration, and facility fit provide a high level of return on project investment and enable our client’s facilities to run faster, produce more product, and operate more efficiently.

Our clients include developmental companies producing their first small batches or outsourcing production to a contract manufacturer, to the largest, most technologically advanced, multi-national corporations. These companies have a wide variety of processes including fed batch, perfusion, and fill/finish and they produce monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, API’s, vaccines and other products that address the world’s most critical medical needs.

Bio-G is trusted world-wide to solve the most difficult biomanufacturing challenges in debottlenecking, scheduling, utilities, labor and waste analysis, resource optimization and other critical areas.

Additional Details

Our software is built on a foundation of industry knowledge so we are not middleware that fills in the gaps between systems, we are part of a powerful strategy that starts with a company’s process knowledge that is seamlessly integrated with data from operations and manufacturing systems.