Powerful Solutions to Challenging Problems

Optimizing biomanufacturing facilities and managing production schedules is difficult. If it were simple companies could easily account for process variability and maximize capacity and resource output.

Disparate and disconnected automation and operations systems, EM conflicts, data silos, and the introduction of new products and technologies all contribute to the complexities of increased production demand and mandates for higher efficiency.

Bio-G software utilizes real data to generate outputs that are highly accurate allowing subject matter experts and data analysts to clearly identify, assess, and mitigate the challenges of constrained processes, manufacturing schedules, and other critical activities.






Design Validation

Validate process design prior to capital expenditure.

Bottleneck Detection

Establish a clear and accurate debottlenecking pathway.

Facility Flexibility

Future proof facilities for multiple products and higher titers.

New Technologies

Understand the effects of new technology on your process.

Continuous Processes

Model and optimize continuous processes like perfusion.

Facility Fit

Identify facility constraints prior to technology transfer.

Adherence to Schedule

Accurately monitor facility goals and personnel efficiency

Capacity and Cadence

Determine feasible facility capacity and cadence
(including surge capacity)

Utilities, Waste & Labor

Generate highly detailed models of WFI, labor, gases, and other potential constraints.