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[Solved] Harmonization of Demo Database (DemoDB.sdf)  

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NOTE: This does NOT apply to most customer installations. Customers using licensed copies of RTMS use connections to their MS SQL database sever.
This post only applies to use of the SQL CE Demo Database (in pre-sales and training situations). The demo database is a single file, DemoDB.sdf,
containing your scenarios.

If the demo database is having issues, you can start over by copying:
"C:\Program Files\Bioproduction Group\Real-Time Modeling System 10.4\DemoDB.sdf"

to your Documents folder, then in RTMS, 


Click where the #1 arrow points in the above screenshot. Then pick the item from the list where #2 points.


and fill out the dialog to point to the copy of DemoDB.sdf in your Documents folder. Connection Type: must be set to "SQL Server Compact Edition".



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Posted : 18/05/2020 3:20 pm